Where to Find Magnets in Santa’s Workshop

Where to Find Magnets in Santa’s Workshop-Bunting-Buy Magnets-Elk Grove Village

It’s almost that time of year again—Christmastime! Did you know that you can find many different magnets being used in Santa’s workshop? In this blog, we’ll point out some of the different magnets you can see if you pay Santa’s workshop a visit at the North Pole.

Neodymium for High Tech Toys

Santa received a lot of letters asking for new gaming computers, headphones, speakers, and other tech toys. As a result, his elves are using a lot of neodymium magnets to build these items in Santa’s workshop. Computers, headphones, speakers, and other tech items all rely on neodymium magnets in order to function, so while you may not be able to see these tiny magnets, you should know that they’re very much present in your presents.

Holding Magnets Put Things in Sight

How does Santa keep track of everyone on his “Naughty” and “Nice” lists? It’s simple—he uses holding magnets to mount these lists on the wall of his workshop so that they’re always in sight. At the various workstations within his workshop, holding magnets can also help keep blueprints where they can be easily referenced by the elves building toys. They also help display Santa’s enormous world map on his workshop wall so that he knows exactly where to travel to on Christmas Eve.

Electromagnetic Lifters to Move Big Ticket Items

Some of the items Santa has to deliver are enormous! If you wished for a large, heavy item for Christmas, you can’t expect the elves to carry it to Santa’s sleigh. Instead, an electromagnetic lifter uses powerful electromagnetic force to pick up heavy metal items and safely carry them across Santa’s enormous workshop to their destination.

Keep Doors Open and Keep Things in Motion

When Santa is rushing out the door on Christmas Eve, the last thing he wants is for a door to slam in his face! Door magnets keep doors in place and prevent them from suddenly blowing or slamming shut. Because of how powerful they are, not even the gustiest North Pole wind will be able to move a door out of place!

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