Magnetic Lifters

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MagLifts are permanent magnetic lifters powered by blocks of high-energy neodymium magnetic material. The MagLifts are great for lifting, loading, unloading and moving steel blocks and cylinders. A job that takes two men with hooks, chains or slings can be done with one hand using a Bunting® MagLift. No more struggles to attach heavy or awkward loads. No more worries about the stability of the load once it is lifted. No factory, dock or warehouse should be without one!

Switching the magnet on/off is easily achieved by simply moving the handle. In the “on” position, the reversible magnetic block is in parallel with the static magnetic block so that a concentrated magnetic field is produced at the pole feet for lifting. In the “off” position, the reversible magnetic block is rotated through 180 degrees to provide a total magnetic short circuit within the lifter body. Permanent magnets and manual switching means no operating costs.

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