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Tube magnets are a powerful and simple magnetic separation solution. Available in ceramic, high-intensity neodymium, and power-balanced neodymium, tube magnets may also be described as “magnetic rods” or “magnetic cartridges.”

Tube magnets allow you to enjoy versatile installation options and superior magnetic separation performance. Their powerful magnetic fields excel at attracting and holding multiple sizes of ferrous metal contamination, from very fine and small particles to larger pieces of tramp metal and debris. The magnetic strength of our tube magnets also prevents wipe-off, meaning you do not have to worry about contamination re-entering your product flow.

Our standard tube magnets are 1” in diameter and available in lengths from 4” to 24”. To boost durability, end plugs are fully welded into the tough 1” diameter tubing.

When installing tube magnets, the cartridge center-to-center distance between trays should not exceed 2”.

Bunting Tube Magnets are tapped on both ends with a 1/4″-20UNC thread.