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Magnetic Tools and Equipment

Magnetic tools and equipment are available in stock on to give you quick, efficient solutions to your material handling and magnetic separation challenges. Whether you are working in your garage at home or in the shop at work, our products save time, save money, and improve safety. stocks Bunting® magnetic separation equipment, available for immediate purchase to protect your product, equipment, and customers from the damage that metal contamination can cause. If you do not see what you are looking for, Bunting-Newton specializes in custom magnetic separators and custom magnetic separation applications, as well as metal detection and material handling products. Please contact us for inquiries about our additional product lines and our custom design capabilities.

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Magnetic sheet fanners.
Sheet Fanners
Magnetic push sweeper.
Hand-controlled magnetic lifter.
Neodymium grate magnet.
Separation Equipment

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Hand Tools
Pull Test Kits
Circular Chuck.
Magnetic Chucks

Separation Equipment

Our magnetic separation technology is available in a variety of designs and options to fit any application. 

Door Catches

Door catches help keep the children and pets in your home safe, as well as improving your quality of life by solving the annoying problem of doors that rattle or blow open.

Magnetic Pull Test Kits

Routinely measure the relative strength of magnetic separation equipment in your facility.