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  • Shop by Category offers an ENORMOUS selection of magnetic door catches to serve all of your needs. Whether you are keeping a drafty door shut in your home or office, installing child-proof safety solutions on your cabinet doors, or keeping storage compartments on a boat or RV securely shut, we have the magnetic door catch for you. With options to meet all of your design and functionality requirements, is your go to retailer for high quality, dependable magnetic catches.


The CS Series Catches are for surface mounting with the attraction force parallel to the fixing surface.

The F Series Catches have a white, impact-resistant polystyrene body with an acetyl resin spring to act as a shock absorber and keep the pole pieces forward.

In the Slimline Series, this extra flat model is made from a high performance magnetic rubber. The mobile pole pieces are cushioned by a damper for shock absorption and to take up play. Constructed of a magnet embedded in a steel channel, or a magnet sandwiched between two steel plates, these magnets provide strong pull for their sizes. Most come with mounting holes.

The Elite Brass Series and Elite Chrome Series are a range of contemporary designed high quality catches for use with cabinets. These Elite catches can be mounted on the surface. In this series the magnetic assembly is encased in a brass or chrome housing Elite Knock In magnetic catches are designed to be flush mounted, and knocked in beneath the surface of the wood, requiring no adhesive. They will continue to work over an air gap to offer a near silent and sophisticated, smooth closure.

Elite Tap In and Elite Tap In with Spike are magnetic catches, also designed to be flush mounted, and tapped in beneath the surface of the wood. They will continue to work over an air gap to offer a near silent and sophisticated, smooth closure. These Elite catches come threaded to hold them securely in place. tests on a flat, machined steel plate, 1/2” thick. If the surface is rough, rusty or painted, the holding force may be reduced. For critical applications, build in a safety factor of two or three.

In addition to a line of Door Stops, we have a wide selection of Lattam Magnets. Lattam Magnets consist of ferrite or neodymium magnets bonded onto a metal plate. The magnetic side has several poles while the opposite side has no magnetic attraction. Lattam Magnets are used for any type of attachment, position, device or catch. The Anti-Slip Lattam Magnet provide excellent resistance to slippage. There are Over-Molded options as well.

The IS Series Catches are cylindrical magnetic catches encased in a plastic sleeve. The front surface is round. In a ribbed body, they hold tightly in the given position and a flange ensures accurate positioning.

The CF Series Catches are recess mounted and adjustable.

The Raly Series Catches are designed for surface mounting on wood or metal. The pole pieces are locked into the plastic body. Two oblong slots allow for adjustment. As the pole pieces are fixed, an appropriate mobile Counterplate is supplied.

The Klip Series have flexible clip-in lugs that form an integral part of the body.