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BUYMAGNETS.com offers Bunting® Flexible Magnetic Strips, Flexible Magnetic Sheets, and Magnetic Tape that is versatile, easy-to-use and cost efficient. Bunting® Flexible Magnetic Strips are lightweight, reusable, conform to irregular shapes and provide maximum holding power on all metal surfaces. Bunting® Flexible Magnetic Tape offers maximum holding power on one side and pressure-sensitive adhesive backing on the opposite side, these magnets are powerful in addition to being flexible. Bunting® Type S Flexible Magnetic Sheets consist of ferrite in a dark brown thermoplastic binder. They feature multi-pole magnetization for maximum magnetic strength on one side.


Their maximum power is thanks to a multi-pole magnetization pattern which provides greater concentration of magnetic strength on the face. Conventional magnetization is also available. With high-tack pressure-sensitive adhesive, strips are flexible and strong, making them ideal where rigid or brittle materials cannot be used.

Bunting® Magnetic Strips are sold by the roll and in pre-cut lengths. Lengths are noted on product pages. Plus, if you cannot find the width you are looking for, we can slit or score to any width.

Applications include latches and catches; gaskets; door seals; tool holders; holding fixtures; signs and charts; shelf labeling; and crafts.

We offer standard widths that are in stock and ready to ship, but we can slit or score our magnetic tape to a custom width based on your specifications. Magnetic tape is sold by the roll or in pre-cut strips. It is available in both standard energy and high energy versions.

By simply peeling and sticking, magnetic tape lets you turn any surface into a magnetic surface. This product is excellent for DIY enthusiasts, retailers, students, and many others. Its diverse nature allows it to be useful in a broad range of applications.

Type S Flexible Magnetic Sheets are available from stock as plain sheets, with pressure-sensitive adhesive and are available in natural, gloss white or hi-gloss white. Flexible Magnetic Sheets can become distorted, especially at high temperatures, and should be stored flat or rolled with the magnetized side in.

Use for vehicle signs, arts and crafts, refrigerator magnets, promotional items and more.