ML Series Magnetic Lifters

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Bunting Magnetic Lifters: A Practical, Safe, Economic Solution

Bunting’s Magnetic Lifters are a revolution in the magnetic handling of ferrous loads. We combine absolute compact dimensions, low weight, great power, and total work safety to deliver you a product with near zero operating costs and a quick return on investment.

Magnetic lifters are an excellent choice for large and small shops alike, across a broad range of industries. These lifters are ideal for handling applications such as:
– Workpieces in machine tools and oxygen cutting operations
– Metal plates
– Sheet and iron blocks in steel structural and naval works
– Steel industries and distribution centers
– Changing tooling in production
– And more

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ML Lifter Specs-Bunting-Elk Grove Village-BuyMagnets

Dimensions N/A
Lifting Strength

1100, 1100 lbs, 2200, 2200 lbs, 4400, 4400 lbs, 550

Package Quantity



  • PART # ML1100

    Lifting Strength1100 lbs
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # ML4400

    Lifting Strength4400 lbs
    Package Quantity1


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