Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets That Are Always in Your Pockets


Did you know that you are probably carrying multiple neodymium rare earth magnets on your person right now? It may be surprising, but the truth is that there are tiny, high-powered neodymium rare earth magnets contained within several of the tech devices you probably can’t imagine leaving home without. These devices would not function without magnets, and we feel like it’s safe to say you probably can’t imagine functioning without these three items.

Magnets in Your Cell Phone

No single piece of technology has dominated our culture more in the last 20 years than the cell phone. From clunky bricks of the early 2000s, to the flip-phones of the mid-2000s, to today’s sleek and powerful cell phones that essentially function as miniature computers, cell phones have become indispensable. While they can do many things nowadays, their primary function is still communication, and using cell phones to communicate would not be possible without the magnets used to power the speakers contained within them.

Magnets in Your Headphones

In a world that demands constant connectivity, wireless headphones and earbuds have exploded in popularity. They allow for hands-free communication, which is highly important in a world where people are always on the move. Headphones allow people to take important business calls while moving about their homes, their offices, and even while commuting. They aren’t just for business, either—headphones are probably best known for their recreational appeal. Workouts at the gym wouldn’t be the same if you couldn’t listen to music while jogging, and a long plane ride would be unbearable with no headphones to assist you in watching a movie. Regardless of what you like to use your headphones for, they would not function without the tiny magnets working to power the speakers contained within your headphones.

Magnets Powering Your Smart Watch

Smart watches have been one of the most popular tech accessories of the last few years, and nowadays, it seems like everyone is wearing some kind of smart watch on their wrists. There are many different brands of smart watches, and they are designed to serve different niches. For example, some people may want a simple fitness tracker, some people may want essentially a miniature phone to wear on their wrists, and some people may desire an outdoors-oriented smart watch with a focus on advanced navigation. One of the most desirable smart watch features today is wireless magnetic charging. After a long day of accumulating steps, it’s easy and convenient to take off your watch, set it on its magnetic charger, and simply grab and go the next morning.

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets for Tech and More

As you can see, neodymium rare earth magnets are critical to keeping your tech devices connected and keeping you in the loop. To learn more about neodymium rare earth magnets and the many applications they are used in, contact today.