Offices Would No Longer Function Without Magnets

Offices Would No Longer Function Without Magnets

You may think we’re making a pretty bold claim when we assert that offices would no longer function without magnets. After all—we’re just one business. What gives us the right to make statements about your business? Aren’t magnets just used to pin notes to white boards and pick up paper clips? The answer is no. Magnets are integral to key technology that keeps offices functioning, and we’ll point out just what would happen if magnets suddenly disappeared from every office in the world.

There Would Be No Computers

It’s hard to imagine functioning in the workplace today without computers. Computers are not only used for traditional data entry and managing spreadsheets, but they are also involved in point-of-sale systems, machine shops, and storing critical data on large servers. Imagine how much communication would suffer if you could no longer send an email!

In our cultural memory, we’ve all heard at some point that you must never put a computer near a magnet. The reason for this is that hard drives use discs of magnet material in order to store data. Within a hard drive, there is an electromagnet positioned in the read/write head that writes data onto the disc by magnetizing small sections (called sectors) in a direction to indicate a 1 or 0. This application utilizes neodymium rare earth magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnet material available. If magnets did not exist, it would be impossible to store the vast amount of data contained on hard drives.

Because computer hard drives contain a wealth of rare earth magnetic material, there are currently research efforts taking place to learn how to better recycle hard drives that have become obsolete. This would allow the rare earth magnet material to be repurposed for one of the many other applications that rare earth magnets are in high demand for.

There Would Be No Electronically Generated Sound

If there were no magnets, offices and stores would be eerily silent as radios would stop playing music and sound could no longer emanate from computers. This not only prevents you from catching up on the latest sports recaps over your lunch break, but would also make it impossible to attend webinars and video meetings. Certainly, COVID-19 would have been even more devastating to businesses if workers had not been able to communicate remotely!

Inside every speaker contained in a screen, radio, or pair of headphones, there is a wire coil and magnet that works to convert electronic signals into sound vibrations. These speakers can also be found in one of the most essential technologies of both professional and personal life—the cell phone. Because mobile phones and landline telephones both use speakers to enable communication, we would probably be forced to return to writing letters if there were no magnets.

Magnets are Critical to Offices

These are just two examples of how magnets are critical to offices functioning, but as you can see, magnets are found in two of the most important modern office technologies. To learn more about the ways that magnets are used in modern offices and to select the best magnet for your business needs, contact today.