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Looking for an alternative to traditional work holding machinery? Our circular magnetic chucks use the power of permanent magnets to securely clamp and hold work pieces in place. By using a simple turn key mechanism, the magnetic chuck is switched from “off” to “on” and the permanent magnets are activated. Because they are permanent magnets, they are always “active” within the confines of the chuck. However, when the magnetic chuck is turned “off,” the magnetic flux remains locked inside the chuck.

By turning the magnetic chuck on, the magnets become aligned with the top plate and the magnetic flux extends upward. Now, when a work piece is placed on top of the chuck, the powerful magnetic field is able to instantly lock onto it and hold it securely in place. Once the piece no longer needs to be held in place, simply switch the magnetic chuck to “off.” Because the magnetic field holding the piece in place is now no longer active, it will be automatically released for easy removal.

Compared to traditional work holding devices, magnetic chucks offer improved precision and safety as well as more versatile operation options. The same magnetic chuck can be used to secure work pieces of many different sizes and shapes, and because it secures pieces automatically, this saves operation time, equipment cost, and operation costs. offers two pitch options for our circular magnetic chucks.

Our standard pitch option is suitable for workpieces above 3mm.

Our fine pole pitch option is suitable for smaller or thinner workpieces below 3mm and helps to avoid distortion in thinner parts.

Circular magnetic chucks from are available in several different height and diameter options to suit your needs.

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