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Filter Results stocks a variety of Bunting® magnetic tools designed to save you time and money. Some of the magnetic tools we offer include economic and reliable magnetic sheet metal handles, lightweight magnetic press feeders, efficient magnetic clean-out tools, time-saving flexible magnet tools, and more. Our magnetic tools allow you to easily retrieve and transport ferrous parts, improving both safety and efficiency within your facility. Additionally, we stock tools designed to help determine a magnet’s strength and polarity. Whether you are seeking a magnetic tool for your shop, your home, or your garage, has the perfect item in stock.

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Magnetic Sheet Metal Handles are economical and reliable. Sheet Metal Handles permit safe and efficient handling of sheet metal and hard-to-handle metal parts. Select the model you need for light to heavy lifting. Our Handles are ideal for separating oiled sheets, pulling sheets from racks, and positioning sheets for welding. Just lower the handle for quick release.

Magnetic Press Feeders are tools that provide lightweight construction, split-second release, and low clearance. These permanent magnet, safety-approved Feeder Tools feature positive pickup and fast release. Lightweight, they reduce work fatigue, increase worker efficiency, and reduce time lost from accidents. Lifting capacities are based on overall length of tool, size of sheets, scale on the sheets, if any, and flatness of sheets at the point of contact with magnet.

Our Magnetic Clean-Out Tool retrieves ferrous metal objects in dip tanks, plating tanks, heat bake ovens, or oil reservoirs. Its Alnico 5 magnet is attached to a 48” wood handle.

Our Flexible Magnet Tool is a handy item for the tool kits of mechanics, machinists, and repairmen. This 18’‘ long Flexible Magnet Tool is a big time saver in picking up small parts that have fallen into inaccessible places.

A is Standard Pitch: suitable for workpieces above 3mm.

AA is Fine Pole Pitch: suitable for small or thinner workpieces below 3mm and helps to avoid distortion in thinner parts.

The advantages of a Chuck over standard holding methods are:

  • Minimal clamping time needed between piece swap over.
  • Faster feed rates coupled with higher material removal than standard magnetic chucks.
  • Excellent access allowing up to 5 face machining.
  • The permanent magnetic design means that the part is always clamped even in the event of a power failure.

Our higher-performance range of Magnetic Grinding and Magnetic Milling Chucks have been engineered to produce a new class-leading holding force. This results in even higher rates of productivity gains than standard Magnetic Chucks.

Our high-precision, parallel ground faces are extremely durable, requiring minimal maintenance. Magnetic Chucks are designed to complement the rugged construction and exceptional Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet technology.