Magnetic Drive Rollers

Part #BM102DR

PRICE $147.57

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Weight 1.46000 lbs
Dimensions 2.62500 × 1.50000 × 2.62500 in
Diameter2.625 in
Width1.5 in
Screw Size
Package Quantity1

Bunting® Magnetic Drive Rollers move and control sheet stock ranging from .010 inch thin plate sheets to over .250 inch thick. Bunting’s exclusive design is engineered for trouble-free, efficient handling of sheet stock. Mild steel pole pieces and stainless steel encased magnets result in a highly scratch- and nick-resistant drive surface.

Rollers can be positioned on the shaft with like poles together to create a strong, compact magnetic field. In general, drive rollers are important in making a roller conveyor system to work properly. Without a drive roller, many rolling conveyor systems and conveyor belt systems would come to a standstill. No matter how many drive rollers the system employs, the rollers are charged with the same task wherever they are placed: that is to keep the conveyor and product flow moving consistently.

Industries that apply the use of drive rollers include automotive manufacturing, healthcare, mining, office equipment design, and lumber. Other industries include construction, food and beverage, packaging, chemical processing and more. Different styles of drive rollers are manufactured for varying applications, and differences include varying load carrying capabilities, surface area design and material strength.

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