Alnico Pot Magnets

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Alnico Holding Assemblies are well-suited for high-heat applications and strongly recommended for use in temperature ranges from 180-800°F. Alnico magnets have the widest range of temperature stability of any standard magnetic material. At temperatures as high as 840°F, they maintain about 78% of their room-temperature magnetic properties. We recommend these magnets be mounted with nonferrous fasteners and insulated when installed in ferrous materials to avoid holding value drops of 20% or more. Use the size and shape of the parts to estimate the number of magnetic holding assemblies you’ll need to hold each part in your application. Tabulated holding values are based on direct contact with flat metal. Curved surfaces or anything that reduces surface contact or creates an air gap will result in the need for more powerful holding assemblies. Holding values are based on vertical “pulling power.” To allow for shear forces, additional holding force may be required.

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