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They say you get what you pay for when it comes to magnets – but even though our prices are low, we know we’re not selling you anything cheap. In fact, we would never do such a thing. Our magnets are affordable rather, not cheap.

Buy in Bulk — Get a Quantity Discount!

Quantity discounts are available for our entire inventory of rare earth magnets. Price breaks may kick in for as little as 50 units. Discounts vary. Find specific quantity discount information on each product page after you select the dimensions of the magnet you’d like to purchase.

Our top-selling magnets

Our magnets are versatile

We have a magnet for nearly every application you can think of. We have flexible magnetic strips, adhesives, sheets, and business cards. We have ceramic and rare earth plate magnets. We have magnetic lifters, and magnetic sweepers to help clean up your mess. Our magnets are versatile, but they are not cheap.

Our magnets are quality.

We are RoHS compliant, and our magnets exceed the standards set by the Magnetic Materials Producers Association for physical quality and magnetic properties. Our magnets meet standards set by the Permanent Magnet Division (PMD) of SMMA. Our magnets are quality, but they are not cheap.

Our magnets are strong

And they’re tested! We make them so you can use them – which means we don’t allow cracking, chipping, snapping or anything else sub-standard to pass our tests. Our magnets are strong, but they are not cheap.

Our magnets are reliable

You already know they’re tested, but what you don’t know is that we test them ourselves. If our magnets don’t work like you want them to, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Our magnets are reliable, but they’re not cheap.