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December 19, 2014 3:00pm

Falling oil prices beneficial for manufacturing overall

The decreasing price of oil has become one of the biggest stories of 2014, and it seems that prices... More >

December 18, 2014 3:00pm

High consumer confidence forecasts a strong 2015

Manufacturing in America is tightly linked to customer demand, and the past month has seen a sharp i... More >

December 17, 2014 3:00pm

Magnets improve credit card security

For years, credit card security relied on magnetic stripes that offered convenience at the cost of s... More >

December 16, 2014 3:00pm

Magnets might provide a new treatment for depression

Depression is a crippling ailment that affects nearly 7 percent of the U.S. adult population, accord... More >

December 16, 2014 7:00am

2 ways magnets will improve beer

Magnets are set to dramatically improve the way beer is manufactured and enjoyed.... More >

December 12, 2014 3:00pm

3 ways that magnets will improve medical care

Powerful magnets are already a crucial element of modern medicine, and their use in Magnetic Resonan... More >

December 10, 2014 3:00pm

Organize and clean up your life with these magnet tips

Magnets are a necessary part of almost all high-tech devices and machinery, and they can also be use... More >

December 5, 2014 3:00pm

Magnets allow for frictionless transmission system

Friction between components within machinery is one of the biggest engineering problems manufacturer... More >