What are the Best Uses for Ring Magnets?

What are the Best Uses for Ring Magnets-Bunting-Buy Magnets-Elk Grove Village

Rings are one of the most popular shapes for magnets, and are available from BuyMagnets.com in many different magnetic materials, shapes, and sizes. We stock ring magnets in neodymium, bonded neodymium, grade 5 alnico, grade 2 alnico, and ceramic options.

Ring Magnets are designed to meet the diverse needs of many different customers and applications

Ring magnets, as their name suggests, have a circular shape and a hollow center. The circular shape is like that of disc magnets, which are similarly popular due to their versatility and utility. The hollow cutout at the center opens this magnet up to an enormous range of possibilities, and makes them uniquely well suited for many different applications.

Neodymium rings are the most powerful type of ring magnet, as they harness the strength of rare earth neodymium magnetic material to bring supreme strength to your application. Neodymium ring magnets are used in applications such as loudspeakers and stereo systems, motors and sensors used in automotive and other high-tech, high-value applications, and in technology such as generators that ensure critical electronic equipment stays running in places such as hospitals during power outages. Ring magnets are also utilized in new tech developments, such as robotics and hot new consumer electronics.

As a fascinating example of where ring magnets are utilized, we return to the hospital mentioned earlier—but this time, we’re not looking at the generators. In hospitals, these magnets are used to neutralize malfunctioning implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and save patients’ lives. When an ICD malfunctions, it no longer uses electrical shocks to correct irregular heart rhythms, but it instead delivers an inappropriate number of shocks which can lead to patient injury and even death. In these situations, medical providers have found that applying a ring magnet to a patient’s chest corrects this malfunction and saves the patient from a seriously dangerous medical solution.

Ring magnets are also popular for use in science—from engineering new applications to performing experiments and demonstration. They are often used in simple demonstrations for students to illustrate magnetic force, such as showing how two magnets will either attract to each other or repel away. In these types of applications, or in any other applications where less strength is required, ceramic and alnico magnets are popular options. Ceramic and alnico rings are also popular due to their affordability and wide availability.

To suit your needs, BuyMagnets.com offers ring magnets ranging from intensely powerful neodymium rings to budget-friendly ceramic and alnico rings. Whether you are installing ring magnets into a key piece of technology or teaching a classroom of eager young scientists, we have the perfect ring magnet to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.