Rectangular Electromagnets, Flat-Faced

Part #BRE-4080-110

PRICE $428.17

Weight 22.00000 lbs
Dimensions 8.00000 × 4.00000 × 2.50000 in
Size (H x L x W)2.5 in x 8 in x 4 in
Width4 in
Length8 in
Height2.5 in
DC Volts110
Holding Force (lbs)2000
Thread Depth0.75
Package Quantity1

Rectangular, Strong Electromagnets

Electromagnets from offer a way to handle ferrous materials that is not only safe and secure, but also efficient and economical. A rectangular flat-faced electromagnet allows you to control the strength of the electrical current running through it. This allows the magnetic field to be manipulated rapidly between a wide range of values. Rectangular flat-faced electromagnets require very little maintenance, and are suitable for use in many different manual and automated applications.

Note: Electromagnets operate as holding magnets when they come in direct contact with ferrous materials, they will not attract or repel ferrous materials when placed at a distance.

View our Electromagnet Wiring Diagram Here

Rectangular flat-faced electromagnets are available from in six different standard varieties. Width options range from 1.5” to 4.” Length options range from 1.5” to 8.” Height options range from 1.25” to 2.5.” The holding force of these electromagnets ranges from 100lbs to 2000lbs. Upon request, we are able to provide our customers with special sizes.

It is best to use rectangular flat-faced electromagnets with surfaces that are flat, smooth, and dry. When the entire face of the rectangular flat-faced electromagnet is allowed to come into direct contact with the product that is being handled, it is able to achieve its maximum holding force. These rectangular flat-faced electromagnets are designed with a center magnetic pole, and use their outer casing as an opposite pole. This concentrates the magnetic force at the center of the magnet, and results in superior holding power.

All rectangular flat-faced electromagnets from are durable and built to last. Our electromagnets provide a simple, efficient alternative to mechanical holding devices and facilitate automation of tasks within your facility. Electromagnets do not produce any waste by-product, and do not have any moving parts, springs, or valves that run the risk of wearing out. A low-maintenance electromagnet allows you to easily, quickly, and safely move large and heavy ferrous materials, such as large metal sheets, throughout your facility with ease.

All electromagnets from are 100% duty cycle.

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