Neodymium Hook Magnets, BTN Series

Part #BTN10

PRICE $3.5

Weight 0.04000 lbs
Dimensions 0.39000 × 0.39000 × 0.45000 in
Size (D x T)0.39 in x 0.18 in
Diameter0.39 in
Inside Diameter0.24 in
Length0.45 in
Thickness0.18 in
Tap SizeM3
Holding Force (lbs)5.6
Package Quantity1

Neodymium Hook Magnets – Pot Magnets for Mounting

BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets deliver intense holding power in a compact, space-saving design. These utility grade assemblies are suitable for a broad range of applications in your workplace, your home, and anywhere else you need a hanging solution. To facilitate ease of use, all of our BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are compatible with our line of screw-in hooks, available here. BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are a damage-free hanging solution that you can count on. They are powerful, durable, and help you optimize storage and organization in your workspace or living space without the clutter that can accompany larger, bulkier hooks.

BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are available in eight different sizes, ranging from our smallest diameter at 0.24” to our largest diameter at 1.26”. The holding force of these neodymium hook magnets ranges from 1.1 lbs (our smallest size) to an impressive 78.7 lbs. BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are desirable because they pack intense power into an incredibly small package. While our BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets deliver 78.7 lbs of holding force with a 2.48” diameter, BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets can deliver that same amount of holding force with just a 1.26” diameter.

The reason BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are so powerful is because they are composed of neodymium, which is known for being the strongest form of magnetic material in the world. Our design encapsulates powerful neodymium magnets in a zinc-plated cup, providing protection against corrosion and general wear and tear. Neodymium magnets are capable of tolerating temperatures from as low as -216 °F to as high as 176°F, making them suitable for environments subject to drastic temperature fluctuations, such as warehouses, or environments with consistently extreme temperatures such as walk-in freezers.

BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are a damage-free, versatile hanging solution. They leave no marks behind once removed from a surface, and they allow you to relocate them with ease. This is of particular value to environments such as industrial warehouses where overhead lighting may need to be moved from place to place. Similarly, BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets can help you hang items in your home without requiring you to drill a hole in your drywall.

BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets are a compact, powerful, and reliable hanging solution offering superior performance and versatility.

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