Ceramic Magnet Assemblies, Rectangular, Multi-Pole

Part #BM3969

PRICE $58.32

Weight 1.50000 lbs
Dimensions 4.00000 × 2.25000 × 1.18800 in
Size (H x L x W)1.1875 in x 4 in x 2.25 in
Width Between Poles1.875
Holding Force (lbs)250
Length4 in
Width2.25 in
Thickness1.1875 in
No. Poles3
Package Quantity1

Multi-pole ceramic magnet assemblies from BuyMagnets.com are highly durable and incredibly strong. The multi-pole design intensifies the strength of the ceramic magnets in this assembly, making them useful for demanding applications. The ceramic magnet material possesses high coercive force and resists demagnetization from heat, vibration, and electrical fields. Our ceramic assemblies are permanently embedded in epoxy plastic. They are typically more economical than Alnico assemblies and can be used in temperatures up to 180°F. Temperatures higher than 180°F can cause the standard epoxy that holds the magnet material to fail.

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