Ceramic Hook Magnets, BT Series

Part #BT36

PRICE $3.39

Weight 0.09000 lbs
Dimensions 1.42000 × 1.42000 × 0.63000 in
Size (D x T)1.42 in x 0.3 in
Diameter1.42 in
Inside Diameter0.31 in
Length0.63 in
Thickness0.3 in
Tap SizeM4
Holding Force (lbs)22.5
Package Quantity1

BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets are utility-grade assemblies that are perfect for use in a wide variety of applications in both work and home environments. To facilitate ease of use, all of our BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets are compatible with our line of screw-in hooks, available here. We have twelve different varieties of ceramic hook magnets available, with tap sizes of M3, M4, M8, M10, and M12. The holding force (in lbs) for our BT Series Hook Magnets ranges from 4.0 lbs to 202.3 lbs, with a wide range of holding forces available in between. To suit your design tastes, these BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets can be special ordered in various different colors. These ceramic hook magnets provide you with a powerful, durable, and damage-free hanging solution.

The ceramic magnetic material used in BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets means that this product is low cost and light weight. Ceramic magnets have many benefits aside from their cost-efficiency. Ceramic magnets are capable of withstanding operating temperatures of up to 480 °F, and they have a high resistance to corrosion. This means that BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets can be utilized in more rugged environments, such as warehouses, or in manufacturing environments where they may be exposed to high temperatures.

For applications that require the maximum amount of holding force, we recommend BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets, as our BT80 and BT100 options have a holding force of 134.9lbs and 202.3lbs, respectively. For applications where you need high power in a smaller package, we recommend our BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets, as they can achieve comparable holding force to BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets at much smaller diameters.

BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets are excellent for situations where a larger diameter of product can work to your advantage, such as if you need to utilize a larger hook in order to hold thick cables or hosing in place. BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets are also a great choice for projects around your home, such as placing a ceramic hook magnet on your refrigerator door to serve as a simple, space-saving hanger for your kitchen towels.

Regardless of what application you choose to use BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets in, you will be enjoying a damage-free hanging solution with strength and durability that you can rely on.

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