Lockdown Magnets Keep Classrooms Safe

Lockdown Magnets Keep Classrooms Safe-Bunting-BuyMagnets

It’s officially back to school season, and for many parents, the 2021 school year feels more stressful than ever before. After a year of remote learning, parents now have to be concerned about their children adjusting to an in-person environment again. In addition to the fear of COVID-19, parents are also worried about emergency events including mass shootings. While this is a terrible, difficult, and distressing topic to discuss, it remains true that the best way to protect against an emergency is to prepare for one in advance. BuyMagnets.com offers lockdown magnets that allow educators and other school staff to quickly, safely lock down their classrooms to protect students from harm.

Lockdown Magnets Let You Act Fast

Lockdown magnets allow for fast action in emergency situations. To use them, you lock the door itself, cover the door’s latch plate with the lockdown magnet, and then open and close the door with the magnetic strip remaining in place. This prevents the door from closing all the way, so that in non-emergency situations, it is possible to maintain “business as usual.” If a building is sent into lockdown, the lockdown magnet can then quickly be removed from where it is placed, allowing the pre-locked door to instantly fall into place. This means that teachers and staff will not have to fumble for keys in a panicked rush—instead, they will be able to secure their rooms instantly. In emergency situations, saving time can save lives. Lockdown magnets make securing a room far quicker and more efficient than other solutions currently available on the market.  

One of the major benefits of lockdown magnets is that they are so simple to apply and use. In an emergency, even a younger student would be able to jump up and quickly remove the lockdown magnet in order to let the pre-locked door fall into place. This is especially beneficial for teachers who may be older, disabled, injured, or otherwise less mobile. Lockdown magnets are also lightweight, portable, and reusable. Because they require no training to use and are highly affordable, they are one of the best security solutions available to secure doors from intruders.

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