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Lockdown Magnetic Strips for Security

In situations where you have to think and act fast, lockdown door magnets help protect the safety of yourself and those around you. Rather than panicking and trying to find keys in an emergency event, Bunting’s new security door lockdown magnets allow you to quickly lock your door and secure your room in seconds.

1) Place the Magnet over the ‘latch plate’ in the door frame and lock the door.

2)  The magnet in the door frame allows the door to be opened and closed even though it’s locked conventionally.

3) In an Emergency — Quickly Remove the Magnet from the door frame to Instantly Lock the door.

4) Without the magnet, the “pre-locked door” instantly locks without the need of Keys or Bolts.

The magnetic door strip prevents full closure, meaning that even though the door is locked, people may still come and go as they please. Once alerted to danger, you can quickly remove the lockdown magnet from where it is positioned and allow the pre-locked door to immediately fall into place, securing you in seconds. Rather than relying on keys to lock and unlock doors, this quick solution allows you to anticipate an emergency and be prepared at a moment’s notice. Removing the magnet is simple enough that anyone can do it, regardless of age or physical strength.

Security door lockdown magnets are an ideal solution. They are:

• Affordable
• Require no training to use
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Reusable

Most importantly, they allow for QUICK, IMMEDIATE ACTION in an emergency.

In addition to schools, lockdown magnets are also an excellent implement for offices, houses of worship, assisted living facilities, and daycare centers.

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.030"T x 1.750"W x 12"L

Holding Force (lbs)


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  • PART # LDM-1

    Dimensions.030"T x 1.750"W x 12"L
    Holding Force (lbs)8
    Package Quantity1


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