Baking Pan Magnets Take the Heat

Bread Pan and Baking Pan Magnets Take the Heat-Bunting-Buy Magnets

Commercial baking lines across the world are constantly churning out various breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, rolls, buns, and other assorted pastry treats. These are all baked in massive ovens to serve the food industry. The packaged bread products you find in the grocery store are baked this way. So are the buns used by fast food restaurants trying to win the “world’s best chicken sandwich” battles. None of this would be possible without baking pan magnets securing the product line.

For customers in the baking industry, bread pan and baking pan magnets from are an excellent way to keep your operations flowing smoothly even during the busiest times of year.

Holding on Tight with Baking Pan Magnets

Bunting bread and baking pan magnets use powerful rare earth magnets to hold your pans in place on your racks. We know the baking process can be a bumpy ride, but even if some bumps along the way have dented or warped your pans, our magnets can support them just as well as if they were brand new. Our magnets are simple and easy to use, and you can quickly adjust them to sit laterally or vertically.

Don’t Sweat It: Bunting Bread Pan Magnets Resist Moisture

Excess moisture can be a recipe for disaster in many situations. Bunting has anticipated the chaos moisture can cause by designing our magnets with a unique sealed structure. This locks out moisture that could potentially degrade the magnet, and saves you the cost of replacements. By keeping moisture low, we keep your profits high.

Samarium Cobalt Baking Pan Magnets Take the Heat

If you need magnets to support your production line as pans move through ovens, Bunting has designed pan magnets specifically for ovens. Our oven line magnets are constructed out of samarium cobalt in order to achieve firm holding power and withstand oven temperatures of over 575 degrees.

Custom Designed Products for YOUR Industry

We don’t create generic magnets—we design all of our products with the industry they serve in mind. For more information, Contact Us Today at Bunting-Elk Grove Village with your wish list, and we’ll make sure you’re full of cheer all year long by working with you to provide the best product for your industry needs.