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Bunting  has raised the Baking Pan Magnet bar for both Proofing and Oven lines in the food processing industry. Featuring neodymium magnets for maximum holding power, Bunting Bread and Baking Pan Magnets are easy to use, easy to adjust (laterally or vertically) and are designed to ‘float’ on racks to maintain pan contact – even with warped or imperfect pans.

What makes our baking pan magnets better?
The design also features a sealed structure that locks out moisture which could degrade the magnet. This feature improves profitability due to reduced costs for replacements. Our Oven Line Magnets use samarium cobalt magnets for a firm hold and the ability to withstand oven temperatures of over 575 degrees.

Round Baking Pan Magnets also available! Contact Us for More Information and Pricing

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Rectangle Baking Pan Magnets59.5 in95.25 in$25.75