Where are Grate Magnets Used?

Where are Grate Magnets Used-Bunting-Buy Magnets

Magnetic separation is critical to many different industries, including the food and pharmaceutical industries, powder and bulk industries, grain and milling industries, and plastics industries. Some applications require large, custom designed magnetic separation equipment, such as the magnetic separation supplied by Bunting-Newton, but other applications require smaller solutions. Often, the key isn’t size—but speed. By offering smaller products such as grate magnets in-stock and ready to ship, BuyMagnets.com is a quick, reliable solution to your magnetic separation challenges.

Benefits of Grate Magnets

Magnetic grates are available from BuyMagnets.com in multiple different varieties. However, all of them have several key features in common. Whether you are selecting a standard or a heavy-duty model, you can count on the durable construction of our stainless-steel tubing. All of our grate magnets are configured with a high-density magnetic field to effectively trap and hold ferrous contamination, removing contamination from your product flow and ensuring there is no re-entry.

Grate magnets are highly versatile, and you can choose to install them or simply lay them down inside hoppers, housings, chutes, bins, and pits. The possibilities are numerous, and both ceramic and neodymium grates from BuyMagnets.com allow you to benefit from simple, powerful magnetic separation.

Examples of Grate Magnet Applications

Above, we mentioned some of the different industries grate magnets are used in. Now, we will discuss two specific applications they can be used in. As one example, these magnets can be placed in a tube that grain is flowing through as it is being transported into a silo. This will remove any stray metal contamination from the grain, ensuring a higher purity product. Grate magnets are also used in plastics manufacturing and plastics recycling applications. By using magnetic grates to draw out ferrous metal contamination, downstream processing equipment, such as injection molders, can be protected from damage that leads to costly repairs and downtime. 

There are many different applications that magnetic grates excel in. BuyMagnets.com offers several different varieties of both ceramic and high intensity rare earth neodymium grate magnets available for immediate shipping. For more information on selecting the best grate magnet for your application, contact BuyMagnets.com today.