When do I Need a Magnetic Lifter?

When do I Need a Magnetic Lifter-Bunting-BuyMagnets

When you think of a product that features an on/off switch, you probably will make the assumption that it requires some form of electricity to operate. With Bunting magnetic lifters, we offer the convenience of an on/off switch WITHOUT the requirement for electricity. There are no cords, no chargers, no power sources, and no batteries to worry about—just the power, convenience, and durability provided by powerful permanent magnets.

You may be wondering—how can a permanent magnet “switch” on and off? It’s simple—magnetic lifters have a handle that switches magnets between two different positions, affecting their permanent magnetic field so that it creates a powerful, concentrated magnetic field in the “on” position and no magnetic field at all when it is placed in the “off” position.

How does this work? In the “on” position, the reversible magnetic block is rotated to be in parallel with the static magnetic block, which creates a concentrated magnetic field that enables easy lifting. When switched to “off,” the block rotates 180 degrees to create a total magnetic short circuit within the lifter body.

Permanent Magnetic Lifters vs. Electromagnetic Lifters

By having the ability to switch between an on and an off position, permanent magnetic lifters offer many of the benefits of electromagnetic lifters while removing some significant drawbacks. Electromagnets are beneficial because the ability to switch their magnetic field on and off makes them well suited to picking up material in one location it, transporting it, and then easily releasing it at a destination point. However, electromagnets cannot operate without a power supply, which imposes certain limitations on their use. In environments where wiring a power supply is impractical, or users require a magnetic lifter that is easily transported between different locations, we recommend using magnetic lifters.

The powerful neodymium magnets that power Bunting permanent magnetic lifters contain their strength completely within themselves—once you purchase a permanent magnetic lifter, it will work without requiring any future attention or maintenance. The combination of permanent magnets and manual switching means there are no operating costs associated with the use of permanent magnetic lifters.

Permanent magnetic lifters can be used for many different tasks. They are available in a multitude of sizes, meaning however heavy or large your load, BuyMagnets.com has a permanent magnetic lifter that is up to the challenge. Attaching heavy or awkward loads is no problem with permanent magnetic lifters. These lifters can be used to handle all kinds of applications, including changing tooling in production, carrying sheet and iron blocks, working in machine tools and oxygen cutting operations, and more.

Our magnet experts at BuyMagnets.com are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect permanent magnetic lifter for your application. Contact us today.