What Neodymium Magnet Shape is Best for My Application?

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BuyMagnets.com offers powerful neodymium magnets in several different shapes, including block, disc, ring, and pot shapes. Different shapes of neo magnets are best suited for different applications, but with so many different sizes and shapes available, it can be difficult to select the correct product. To assist our customers, we will go over some common applications for different shapes of neodymium magnets below.

Neodymium Disc Magnets

Disc magnets are the most versatile magnet shape, able to be used in the widest range of applications. For this reason, disc magnets are the most frequently used shape of magnet. One of the most common uses for disc magnets is in holding applications, where the magnet is placed into a pre-drilled hole. Disc magnets are circular, thin, and flat, and have various different coating options to guard them from corrosion. BuyMagnets.com also offers these strong, durable magnets in an adhesive option. Adhesive-backed discs are desirable because they offer a quick, easy mounting solution. Disc magnets are found in commercial applications, such as magnetic doors, as well as household applications, such as in a stud finder.

Neo Block Magnets

Neodymium block magnets are another frequently used shape of permanent magnet. While neodymium disc magnets are powerful, a neo block magnet of the same thickness as a neo disc magnet is able to achieve a much stronger magnetic pull. This is due to the increased surface area of neodymium block magnets. Neo block magnets have six sides, and opposite sides of the magnet are parallel. Often, these magnets are used in holding applications where they are placed within a channel that increases their holding force. In commercial applications, neo block magnets may be found in flow control systems and magnetic separation equipment. In the home, neodymium block magnets are often the magnet of choice for cabinet latches and magnetic racks.

Neodymium Ring Magnets

Neodymium ring magnets are circular in shape, with a hollow center. This hollow center opens the door to an enormous range of opportunities. Because they can be threaded onto a string or a rod, neo ring magnets are very popular in science demonstrations and experiments. In commercial applications, neodymium ring magnets are used in generators, loudspeakers, sensors, motors, and more.

Neodymium Pot Magnets

The design of a pot magnet, also referred to as a mounting magnet or a cup magnet, features a permanent magnet that is encased within a steel shell. The steel pot works to increase the holding strength of the magnet inside of it, making the unique design of pot magnets ideal for many different applications, namely mounting applications. They are designed to facilitate easy installation, making them a versatile and convenient choice. Neo pot magnets are used as fastening elements in machinery, for heavy duty holding and mounting applications, and in retrieval applications—such as the newly popular activity of magnetic fishing.

To learn more about the different shapes and sizes of neo magnets available, contact BuyMagnets.com today. We are looking forward to assisting you in finding the perfect shape of neodymium magnet for your application.