What is Magnetic Field Strength and Why Does it Matter?

What is Magnetic Field Strength and Why Does it Matter-Bunting-Elk Grove Village

Magnetic Field Strength

Magnetic field strength is defined as the measure of the ability of an electric current, or a magnetic body, to induce a magnetic field at a given point (measured in mega gauss oersteds or mGo). In simpler terms, the magnetic field strength refers to how magnetic force is distributed around a piece of magnetic material. Every permanent magnet produces a persistent magnetic field—this field can be visualized by performing simple experiments. For example, if you place iron fillings in the space surrounding a permanent magnet, the fillings will form lines corresponding to the magnetic field lines.

Shopping for Holding Force in Your Magnets

The greatest holding power of a magnet is referred to as its “pull strength,” and is measured in kilograms. This holding force refers to the amount of force that is required in order to pull a magnet away from a flat steel surface that it is in full, direct surface-to-surface contact with. When shopping for a magnet, the measurement labeled “pull force” will be the maximum weight a magnet is capable of holding. For example, a magnet with a pull force of 30lbs will be capable of holding a 30lb object.

Magnetic Pull Test Kits

BuyMagnets.com offers both digital and standard magnetic pull test kits to allow you to precisely monitor the strength of your magnetic separation equipment. Digital and standard magnetic pull test kits measure the holding force of any given magnetic separator, which allows you to monitor how effectively a piece of equipment is performing over time. By performing routine pull test kits, you will be able to record the strength of your magnetic separator over time and ensure it is continuing to provide effective magnetic separation. For most food safety and HACCP policies, digital scales must be calibrated on an annual basis. Bunting supports the NIST calibration of its digital pull test kit.

Magnetic Calculators

On BuyMagnets.com, we offer several different magnetic calculators that assist our customers in selecting the perfect magnet for their unique application. Our Magnetic Field Strength calculator is able to calculate the magnetic field strength (in Gauss) of block, cylinder, and ring shaped magnets.

To learn more about magnetic field strength, pull force, and selecting the best magnet for your application, contact us today.