What are the Best Uses for Tube Magnets?

What are the Best Uses for Tube Magnets-Bunting-Buy Magnets

Tube magnets are a powerful tool to stock in your arsenal if you are seeking to remove ferrous metal contamination in a large-scale processing application. Whether your plant is processing food, plastic, non-woven products, or recycled material, tube magnets play a key role in ensuring that ferrous tramp metal doesn’t contaminate your end product or cause costly damage to the other equipment in your facility.

While tube magnets may be known by other names, such as cartridge magnets or magnetic rods, the design concept is the same. A piece of magnetic material, such as ceramic or neodymium, is constructed within a protective housing that shields the magnetic material from wear and abrasion, preserving the integrity of the magnet over time. When installed in an application, ferrous metal contamination such as bolts, nuts, screws, metal chips, and fine contaminant particles are attracted to the tube magnet, which then holds them in place and prevents them from being wiped off by continuous product flow.

Tube magnets are selected based on a customer’s goals for reach-out and holding force. Reach-out refers to the distance a tube’s magnetic field extends from where it is placed, and tube magnets with higher reach out are better for applications where a greater burden depth of material is being processed. Tubes with higher holding force possess a greater magnetic strength, meaning they can attract and hold ferrous contamination that is otherwise difficult to capture and remove, such as very fine ferrous particles.

Tube magnets are one of the most popular types of magnetic separation equipment due to how simple, affordable, and effective they are.

They are available in different magnetic strengths, with BuyMagnets.com offering economical 1” diameter ceramic tube magnets in lengths from 4” to 24,” power-balanced 1” diameter neodymium tubes in lengths from 4” to 24,” and our most powerful option, our high-intensity 1” diameter neodymium tubes, available in lengths from 4” to 12”. Our neodymium power balanced tubes offer 10,000 gauss, which is the international food safety standard.

When you purchase an individual tube or a set, you have the freedom to arrange them any way you like within your facility in order to best meet your application needs. Tube magnets can be mounted individually, positioned in multi-row arrays, or installed in a side-by-side row. Tubes are a versatile solution delivering high-powered magnetic separation in a small package. Installation is easy, and the results are immediate and significant.

To learn more about tube magnets, magnetic separation, and selecting the ideal solution for your application, contact our experts at BuyMagnets.com today.