What Are the Best Uses for N42 Neodymium Magnets?

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Neodymium magnets have a well-earned reputation for being the strongest, most versatile rare earth magnets available. When purchasing a neodymium magnet, customers have the option to select from several different grades of neodymium magnets. Some examples are N35, N42, N50, and N52 grade neodymium magnets. As a general rule, the higher the grade of a neodymium magnet, the stronger it is. While it may seem as though you should select N52 grade magnets, as they are the strongest, the strongest magnet on paper is not necessarily the strength of magnet best suited to your application. There are many other factors that contribute to selecting the ideal magnet for your needs. Here, we will discuss some of these selection factors, and showcase a few of the many applications where N42 magnets shine.

Selecting a Neodymium Magnet

The first thing to consider when selecting a neodymium magnet is the temperature that you will be working at. N50 and N52 magnets may be stronger, but their maximum working temperature is limited to 60 ℃, or 140°F. Comparatively, N42 neodymium magnets have a maximum working temperature of 80 ℃, or 176°F. This makes them a better choice for applications where higher working temperatures are involved.

N42 grade neodymium magnets are also more common than N50 or N52 magnets, meaning they are often more affordable and available in a greater variety of shapes and sizes. If you are starting on a new project and unsure of exactly what grade of neodymium magnet you need, chances are that an N42 neodymium magnet will come in the shape you’re looking for in a price you can afford. If you are in an experimental stage of your project, N42 neodymium magnets are cost-efficient enough to allow you to try more than one shape or size without breaking the bank.

When to Use N42 Neodymium Magnets

N42 neodymium magnets are powerful, versatile magnets that are suitable for almost any common application. It is only when extreme levels of strength in extremely small sizes are required that we recommend selecting an N50 or N52 magnet instead. N42 magnets are an excellent choice for industrial applications such as parts retrieval, lifting machinery, and magnetically coupled pumps. In the home, they can be used for craft projects, home improvement, and hanging artwork or other decorations.

To learn more about neodymium magnets and selecting the best magnet for your application, contact us today.