What Are the Best Uses for Ceramic Magnets?

What Are the Best Uses for Ceramic Magnets-Bunting-Elk Grove Village

Ceramic magnets, also known as ferrite magnets, are some of the most widely used permanent magnets. These easily accessible, highly affordable magnets are available in many different shapes and sizes, and provide reliable strength due to their high energy product. Not only are these magnets low cost, they are also lightweight and resist demagnetization. For these reasons, ceramic magnets have come to be considered the most widely used magnet in modern day industry.

Selecting a Ceramic Magnet

Ceramic magnets are available in eight different grades, with the most common grades being grade 1, grade 5, and grade 8. They have an excellent resistance to corrosion and demagnetization, making them suitable for many different tasks. While ceramics are strong, they are not as strong as rare earth magnets. For applications that require the strongest level of magnet, we recommend neodymium magnets, the most powerful magnets in the world. However, many applications do not require an enormous amount of strength, and ceramics will still deliver excellent performance with the bonus of being much less expensive than neodymium magnets.

When to Use Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic magnets are used in a wide variety of applications. They power motors, such as DC brushless motors used in power tools as well as DC permanent magnet motors used in vehicles. They are also used in magnetic separation equipment to separate ferrous metal material from non-ferrous metal material. In industry, magnets are also used in magnetic assemblies that lift, hold, retrieve, and separate materials. Additional places you can find ceramic magnets include in speakers, in automotive sensors, and more. In certain applications, a these magnets may be encased within a channel to increase the strength of the magnet.

For the average consumer, ceramics are an extremely popular magnet choice for educational activities, home improvement, and more. These inexpensive magnets are great for student science activities, and they are a fun, hands-on way to teach children about scientific concepts—especially the many children who are learning remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the home, ceramic magnets can be used to hang décor, implement creative storage solutions, and take on clever DIY projects. They are also useful in arts and crafts projects.

To learn more about ceramic magnets and learn what the best magnet for your application is, contact us today.