Sheet Fanners, Large Sheets

Part #SF1412

PRICE $480.34

Weight 27.00000 lbs
Dimensions 2.25000 × 10.37500 × 12.12500 in
Height12.125 in
Fanner Face Width10.375
Sheet Gauge Capacity1.375
Package Quantity1

Tired of manually prying apart sticky, polished, oily, or prefinished ferrous metal sheets? Bunting has a solution for you. Our permanent magnetic sheet fanners provide you with a safe and speedy alternative to manually handling stacks of sheet stock. These permanent magnetic sheet fanners, designed for handling large sheets, provide a constant and powerful magnetic force that automatically fans sheets apart. Because these sheet fanners use magnetic force—not electricity—there are no electrical hazards present, making for a safer work environment. Magnetic sheet fanners allow robotic arms and machine operators to remove individual sheets safely and reliably, which eliminates the risk of “doubles” jamming or damaging your machinery.

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