Screw-In Hooks for BT and BTN Hook Magnets

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These hooks are compatible with BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets as well as BTN Series Noedymium Hook Magnets. BT Series Ceramic Hook magnets use ceramic, zinc-plated magnets, and BTN Series Neodymium Hook Magnets use neodymium magnets in a zinc plated cup. The screw-in design of these hooks makes installation quick and easy. Hook magnets are used in many different applications and are a durable, economical holding magnet solution.

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Thread Size

M10, M12, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8

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  • PART # M4 HOOK

    Thread SizeM4
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M5 HOOK

    Thread SizeM5
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M3 HOOK

    Thread SizeM3
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M6 HOOK

    Thread SizeM6
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M12 HOOK

    Thread SizeM12
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M8 HOOK

    Thread SizeM8
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M10 HOOK

    Thread SizeM10
    Package Quantity1


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