Screw-In Hooks for BT and BTN Hook Magnets

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These hooks can be used with the BT Series Ceramic Hook Magnets, which are ceramic and zinc plated. BT Series magnets can be special ordered in various colors. Can be used in a wide variety of mass market applications.
They can also be used with the BTN Series Noedymium Hook Magnets, which use Neodymium Rare Earth magnets in a Zinc plated cup.

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Thread Size

M10, M12, M3, M4, M5, M6, M8

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  • PART # M4 HOOK

    Thread SizeM4
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M5 HOOK

    Thread SizeM5
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M3 HOOK

    Thread SizeM3
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M6 HOOK

    Thread SizeM6
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M12 HOOK

    Thread SizeM12
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M8 HOOK

    Thread SizeM8
    Package Quantity1
  • PART # M10 HOOK

    Thread SizeM10
    Package Quantity1


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