Samarium Cobalt Disc Magnets

Part #SS-815AM

PRICE $1.12

Weight 0.00050 lbs
Dimensions 0.11800 × 0.11800 × 0.06000 in
Size (D x T)0.118 in x 0.06 in
Diameter0.118 in
Thickness0.06 in
Holding Force (lbs)0.27
MaterialSamarium Cobalt
Package Quantity1

Samarium cobalt disc magnets are powerful rare earth magnets that offer superior resistance to heat and corrosion. A samarium cobalt magnet can perform at temperatures of up to 300°C, or 572°F. Their resistance to corrosion makes them a great choice for use in highly corrosive environments, such as on boats where magnets are exposed to saltwater. Samarium cobalt magnets offer superior magnetic strength in comparison to ceramic and alnico magnets, and are commonly used in high-tech applications such as electronics, computers, and switches. They are also often used in automotive “under-the-hood” applications, commercial and military aircraft, and many other intense applications.

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