Neodymium Tube Magnets, High-Intensity

Part #C4010NHI

PRICE $449.39

Weight 2.20000 lbs
Dimensions 10.00000 × 1.00000 × 1.00000 in
Length10 in
Holding Force (lbs)15.5
Package Quantity1

High-intensity neodymium tube magnets provide the highest level of magnetic separation. Due to their incredible magnetic strength, they are able to attract and hold even the smallest fine ferrous particles. High-intensity neodymium tube magnets maximize gauss and strength and are commonly used in industries that require highly sensitive removal of ferrous metals, such as the food industry. These cartridges are designed to be highly durable and reliable. The standard cylindrical model is 1” in diameter and is available in a variety of lengths. For best results, the cartridge center-to-center distance between trays should not exceed 2”.

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