Neodymium Block Magnets, N45, Plated

Part #EP330

PRICE $0.59

Weight 0.00200 lbs
Dimensions 0.23600 × 0.05900 × 0.05900 in
Size (H x L x W)0.059 in x 0.787 in x 0.236 in
Length0.787 in
Width0.236 in
Thickness0.059 in
Holding Force (lbs)2.79
Package Quantity1

Strong N45 Plated Magnets – Neodymium Block Magnets

Our grade N45 neodymium block magnets are plated in order to resist corrosion, and provide you with excellent performance in a wide variety of applications. If grade N42 neodymium magnets aren’t quite strong enough for you, grade N45 block magnets could very well be the answer to your problems. For assistance in selecting the ideal grade of neodymium for your application, please reach out to our experts at We are happy to help!

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