Hand-Controlled Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Part #MAGLIFT4400

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Weight 174.00000 lbs
Dimensions 19.00000 × 20.70000 × 5.20000 in
Lifting Strength4400 lbs
Package Quantity1

Permanent Lift Magnets from Bunting

A Practical, Safe, Economic Solution

Bunting’s Magnetic Lifters are a revolution in the magnetic handling of ferrous loads. We combine absolute compact dimensions, low weight, great power, and total work safety to deliver you a product with near zero operating costs and a quick return on investment.

Magnetic lifters are an excellent choice for large and small shops alike, across a broad range of industries. These lifters are ideal for handling applications such as:

• Workpieces in machine tools and oxygen cutting operations
• Metal plates
• Sheet and iron blocks in steel structural and naval works
• Steel industries and distribution centers
• Changing tooling in production
• And more

Magnetic lifters are an excellent fit in modern mechanical workshops. A single operator can handle the load, which is always anchored and lifted from the top. Magnetic lifters protect your material from deformation and damage, help you optimize use of your available workspace, and keep your employees and equipment in your facility safe from harm.

Strength and Stability

Concentrated power allows flow to be channeled only where it’s needed, ensuring steady, optimal performance and total lack of magnetic dispersion while avoiding undesired attraction from adjacent loads.

Compact and sturdy design incorporates a double magnet circuit (rotor and stator) and revolutionary construction to create an incredible weight power ratio of up to 100 times the weight of the lifter body (ML1100).

Safety Features
• High-energy permanent magnets ensure great concentrated and steady power for an indefinite period.
• The 3times safety factor of the recommended load to the test load ensures optimal working conditions even with substantial operating air gaps.
• High magnetic strength of the lifter is shown by the lever’s strong resistance to activation when load conditions are not perfect.

Bunting’s magnetic lifters are safe, economical, practical, and powerful. For more information, contact a sales representative today.

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