Ceramic Rectangle Magnets, C-8 Block

Part #DH914

PRICE $0.66

Weight 0.02200 lbs
Dimensions 0.75000 × 0.17700 × 1.00000 in
Size (H x L x W)1 in x 0.177 in x 0.75 in
Height1 in
Width0.75 in
Length0.177 in
Through Holes1 holes
Holding Force (lbs)1
Package Quantity1

Ceramic Block Magnets – Individually Packaged and In-Stock

Grade 8 ceramic block magnets are the strongest grade of ceramic magnet available. Desirable for their economic price point and excellent resistance to demagnetization, grade 8 ceramic magnets are used in a wide variety of applications. Grade 8 ceramic is an excellent choice wherever magnet length is at a minimum or where the magnetic circuit is subject to severe demagnetizing fields. Some typical uses include holding magnets, speaker magnets, DC brushless motors, outboard motors, DC permanent motors, reed switches, and Hall-Effect devices. BuyMagnets.com offers grade 8 ceramic rectangle magnets in many different sizes and strengths to suit your needs. Certain grade 8 ceramic rectangle magnets also can be ordered with pre-drilled through holes.

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