Ceramic Grate Magnet, No Baffle, Round

Part #GR-6P-CR

PRICE $109.36

Weight 4.00000 lbs
Dimensions 6.00000 × 6.00000 × 2.00000 in
Diameter6 in
Holding Force (lbs)1.1
Package Quantity1

You can use ceramic grate magnets, also known as ceramic hopper magnets, to achieve your magnetic separation goals in a wide range of applications. BuyMagnets.com sells ceramic grate magnets with a carefully configured magnetic field that traps and removes all types of ferrous metal contamination. As product flows through the ceramic grate magnet, its powerful magnetic field traps and removes small metal objects, metal shards and fragments, and even very fine particles.

With a round design, these ceramic grate magnets are easy to install or simply place in housings, bins, and hoppers. After that, all you need to do in the future is remove and clean according to your application needs.

The average Gauss on the surface of the cartridge is 1,975, with an average pull strength of 1.1lbs (using a ½” ferrous ball). Stainless steel tubing and frames are welded into strong, integral units that are built to last. Ceramic grate magnets are capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 350 °F. Grates are built for low-abrasion applications and should measure at least twice the size of your outlet opening, so as not to restrict product flow.

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