Ceramic Disc Magnets

Part #SF-804AM

PRICE $7.22

Weight 0.00400 lbs
Dimensions 0.37500 × 0.37500 × 0.20000 in
Size (D x T)0.375 in x 0.2 in
Diameter0.375 in
Thickness0.2 in
Package Quantity1

What applications can you use ceramic disc magnets in? Many! Ceramic disc magnets can be found in DC brushless and DC permanent motors, speaker systems, outboard motors, and a wide assortment of lifting, holding, retrieving, and separating applications. BuyMagnets.com offers ceramic disc magnets in many different sizes, meaning whatever dimensions you’re working with, you’ll be able to find a ceramic disc magnet that’s a perfect fit. Ceramic magnets have maximum operating temperatures of up to 480°F, and are extremely popular due to their great performance and low cost.

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