Bonded Neodymium Block Magnets

Part #NB043-IM

PRICE $13.59

Weight 0.03000 lbs
Dimensions 1.18100 × 1.18100 × 0.07900 in
Size (H x L x W)0.079 in x 1.181 in x 1.181 in
Length1.181 in
Width1.181 in
Thickness0.079 in
Holding Force (lbs)2
Package Quantity1

Strong Neodymium Block Magnets

Bonded neodymium block magnets combine a hard magnetic powder with a non-magnetic polymer or rubber binder. These highly versatile magnets are able to be machined (unlike standard plated neodymium magnets) and stand up against corrosion. Because they are made of powerful neodymium, these magnets pack incredible strength into extremely small dimensions. Bonded neodymium block magnets are used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications, and are sought out when power is needed and space is tight.

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