Alnico U-Shaped Magnet, Square Cutout, Grade 2

Part #SU1607

PRICE $8.4

Weight 0.00500 lbs
Dimensions 0.40000 × 0.40000 × 0.18700 in
Size (D x T)0.4 in x 0.187 in
Diameter0.4 in
Thickness0.187 in
Inside Diameter0.098 in
Wt. (lbs)0.004
Holding Force (lbs)0.438
Package Quantity1

Grade 2 alnico magnets from are available in a low profile, u-shaped design that includes a square cutout, facilitating its use in various applications. There are two varieties of this magnet available, and both harness the u-shaped design to increase their magnetic field strength. Both varieties have a maximum operating temperature of 1000 °F. Both options have a holding force of 0.438 lbs. Both options are extremely small and lightweight, weighing .004lbs and .005lbs each.

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