Alnico U-Shaped Magnet, Round Cutout, Grade 2

Part #SU1610

PRICE $1.12

Weight 0.02000 lbs
Dimensions 0.50000 × 0.50000 × 0.45700 in
Size (D x T)0.5 in x 0.457 in
Diameter0.5 in
Thickness0.457 in
Inside Diameter0.101 in
Wt. (lbs)0.009
Holding Force (lbs)1.125
Package Quantity1 offers u-shaped grade 2 alnico magnets with a round cutout design in four different varieties. Holding strengths on these magnets range from .875lbs to 1.563lbs. All of these magnets are lightweight and compact. Since they are made of heat-resistant alnico material, each of these round cutout magnets have a maximum operating temperature of 1000 °F. The u-shaped design facilitates increased magnetic strength.

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