Alnico U-Shaped Magnet, Flat Lateral Surfaces, Grade 5

Part #CU611

PRICE $15.35

Weight 0.06000 lbs
Dimensions 0.87500 × 0.68700 × 0.63000 in
Size (H x L x W)0.63 in x 0.875 in x 0.687 in
Wt. (lbs)0.059
Holding Force (lbs)6
Inside Diameter0.219 in
Length0.875 in
Thickness0.63 in
Width0.687 in
Package Quantity1

This grade 5 alnico material is anisotropic, meaning it has a preferred direction of orientation. It has a holding force of 6lbs that is a result of its u-shaped design. By incorporating a u-shape, magnetic power is concentrated between the two poles of the magnet, resulting in highly increased strength compared to a bar magnet of similar material. The flat lateral surface makes it well suited to applications that require this shape.

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