Nine Ways to Use Flexible Magnets

Nine Ways to use Flexible Magnets-Bunting-Buy Magnets

Magnetic Tape Strips can be used in a wide variety of fun and practical ways.

Flexible magnets serve many functions for every member of your family. Entertain your children, help your teenager customize (and organize) their room, and implement your home with clever storage solutions all by using Bunting magnetic strips!

For Children:

1) Cookie Sheet Storyboard
This is a great way to keep little ones entertained on car rides, in waiting rooms, and during regular playtime at home. An inexpensive cookie sheet creates a space for educational and imaginative play wherever your child is at by serving as a background for letters, numbers, and pictures that are stuck to it using magnetic strips. You can easily attach a magnetic tape strip to an existing object, such as a wooden number shape, as well as printing out vocabulary words and adding a magnetic backing to them. Print out pictures of your child’s favorite cartoon characters to create a unique matching game they will love. You can even attach magnetic strips to checker or chess pieces to create a portable game board for older children.

Tip: Create interchangeable backgrounds by placing magnetic tape on the back of large images of your choosing. You can use different backgrounds to transform a single cookie sheet into a matching game template, a farm scene, a calendar, a counting board, a checkerboard, and more.

2) Sticker Saver
Children love stickers, but parents don’t love it when stickers are placed on walls or furniture. To solve this dilemma, simply place the sticker on a magnetic tape strip. Your child can enjoy placing the sticker on the fridge, on an activity board, or on another magnetic surface in your home. This gives you peace of mind that your home won’t be damaged, and allows your child to get more enjoyment out of what was originally a one-time-use item.

Tip: Laminate stickers or stick them to firm card stock before attaching them to the magnetic tape strip to ensure extra durability.

3) Custom “Paper Dolls”
There are many magnetic dress-up sets available that feature popular cartoon characters, but with a printer, scissors, and magnetic tape, you can make your child a set of “paper dolls” that is only limited by your imagination. Add a personal touch by printing out pictures of family members and pets—your child will be delighted to create mix-and-match stories where Dad can fight crime side-by-side superheroes, where Mom is the queen of a princess tea party, and even where Rover is playing with wild animals in the jungle!

Tip: This is a great way to help children understand and cope with stressful situations, such as a parent being away on a business trip or deployed. It also works great with the Cookie Sheet Storyboard idea mentioned above.

For Students:

1) Maximize Your Study Space
Finding enough space in a tiny dorm room can be challenging. By mounting a magnetic tape strip to your wall, you can attach small magnetic baskets to it and drastically increase your storage space. It’s important to keep your study tools organized and easy to access—this is a great way to achieve that goal.

Tip: Use different sizes of baskets to store different items. For example, a tall, thin box is great for holding pencils and pens. Wider boxes can be used for notecards, sticky notes, and even snacks to enjoy as a reward after a long study session.

2) Magnetic Makeup Board
Place small adhesive magnetic strips onto your various makeup products, turning them from regular containers into magnetic marvels that can be stored much more conveniently on a makeup board on your wall. Create a makeup board by mounting a magnetic surface such as a cookie sheet or dry-erase board to your wall, decorating it with paint, card stock, or other material to add a personal touch.

Tip: Wrapping an adhesive magnetic strip around makeup brushes allows them to be stored in this same convenient way—an excellent way to help them dry out after cleaning them.

3) Dorm Room Decor
Create a photo wall anywhere you want by placing flexible magnets on your dormitory wall. By using magnets to attach photos, you create a visually appealing “floating display” while preventing the items you hang up from the damage that can be associated with push pins. A magnetic tape strip in your dorm room is a great way to display photographs, concert tickets, and birthday cards. If you’re less concerned with decorating and more concerned with studying, a magnetic tape strip is also a great place to hang up your syllabus, calendar, or your notes for an important project.

Tip: Hang up a different magnetic tape strip for each class and use washi tape to color-code it. This will help you keep organized and stay on top of important deadlines by giving each of your classes its own visual space in your room.

For Adults:

1) Bathroom Organization
Tidy up stray items such as tweezers, barrettes, bobby pins, and more by placing strips of flexible magnets on your bathroom wall. This will free up your counter space and keep track of small items that are otherwise easy to lose track of.

Tip: Attaching a small adhesive magnetic strip to items such as contact lens cases can allow non-magnetic items to be conveniently stored in this same way.

2) Save Space in the Kitchen
Magnetic tape can achieve a variety of tasks in the kitchen. Place a large magnetic strip on your wall and use it to hold up knives, scissors, and other utensils. You can cut up flexible magnets in small pieces and place them on the bottom of spice containers, allowing them to stick on your fridge and clear up valuable cabinet space. If you want to make the most out of every available surface in your kitchen, you can place a magnetic tape strip on the underside of your cabinets and hang containers with metal lids from it. These are all great ways to increase storage space in a small kitchen area.

Tip: Placing spice containers on your fridge allows you to see their labels much easier than when they’re stored inside of a cabinet, saving you time when preparing a meal.

3) The Key to Success
A magnetic tape strip hung near the entryway of your home helps keep everyone in your family organized. This system keeps important items such as car keys secure and easily accessible, and also serves as a great place for busy families to leave important notes for each other.

Tip: Customize your key organizer by placing each family member’s name above their section of the organizer, or using colorful patterned tape to decorate.

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