Nautical Neodymium Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Magnets


Sometimes, the most annoying problems have the simplest solutions. When out for an enjoyable afternoon on your boat, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly readjusting the cushion you’re sitting on. Velcro wears out easily and becomes unpleasant to look at over time. So, what to do? There are many ways that Bunting neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets can be used to improve your boat.

An easy fix to solve sliding seat cushions utilizes neodymium magnets and just a little bit of sewing. First, secure four neodymium disc magnets to the surface your cushion will be placed upon. Second, sew a neodymium disc magnet into each of the four corners of your cushion. Simply place your cushion upon the seat and watch it lock into place. The powerful magnets keep the cushion locked down against the jostling of the water, and prevent it from blowing away in strong winds. Your aesthetic goals will also be achieved, as neodymium magnets are invisible when implemented via this method and ensure the cushions can be placed neatly and evenly. This allows your boat to look sleek, modern, and tidy.

Neodymium Magnets and Samarium Cobalt Magnets Help Keep Your Boat Afloat

This method can be used on any boat, but if you enjoy sailing on the ocean as opposed to a lake, you may be interested in samarium cobalt magnets. This same method can be utilized with samarium magnets, as they are similar in strength to neodymium magnets, but samarium magnets have the additional feature of a naturally strong resistance to saltwater corrosion.

Saltwater is No Problem for Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Magnets have a variety of uses on boats and for other aquatic activities, but many people become concerned about the risk of corrosion. It can be challenging to find a boat magnet that is not only powerful, but also resists the difficult environment of the open ocean. Fortunately, samarium cobalt magnets are extremely resistant to corrosion while maintaining comparable strength to neodymium magnets. Samarium magnets are an excellent choice for marine and offshore applications where they must tolerate constant exposure to saltwater air. Alnico and ceramic magnets are also resistant to saltwater corrosion, but they simply do not have the necessary strength to function in certain applications.

An example of utilizing the strength and saltwater resistance of samarium cobalt magnets can be seen in the lives of fishermen who need to hold their lures in place without damaging their rods. One incredible use for magnets on the high seas is using boat magnets with a holding power of nearly 1,100 pounds to hold inflatable boats and other small boats against large boats, such as cruise ships. This allows for much more efficient boat handling and also assists in tasks such as holding tools or other equipment underwater, such as in the case of anti-pollution efforts.

If you have an application you’re considering utilizing a boat magnet in, contact Bunting-Elk Grove Village to learn more about how neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets can serve you on the high seas.