Magnets at the Museum

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Did you know that October is National Arts and Humanities Month? One of the best ways to discover new works of art is by visiting museums. Museums typically have permanent art exhibits as well as rotating galleries and exhibitions that change every few months. Often, we find ourselves too captivated by the magnificent pieces of artwork we are viewing to spend much time thinking about how the artwork came to be displayed on the gallery wall in front of us. You may be interested to learn that since the early 2000s, art conservators have increasingly been using rare earth magnets to safely mount artwork for display.

When displaying works of art, conservators must be very careful that the artwork is not damaged. For example, when hanging a textile piece, conservators must find a display method that can stand up to the textile’s weight while simultaneously avoiding damage to the artwork. Additionally, it is important that the mounting mechanism does not create a visual distraction that takes away from the artwork itself. For hanging large textiles such as tapestries, quilts, rugs, and woven blankets, powerful rare earth magnets are an excellent solution.

Rare Earth Magnets for Mounting Museum Art Displays

Because rare earth magnets concentrate a great deal of magnetic strength into their minimal dimensions, they are ideal for tasks such as mounting artwork where large, obstructive mounting methods are undesirable. When using rare earth magnets to hang items such as heavy wall-mounted tapestries, the magnets are not only so small to avoid notice in the first place, but they can also easily be painted to blend in with the artwork. Unlike traditional hooks and hangers, which are limited only to the edges of an artwork, rare earth magnets can be distributed throughout the entire body of a textile piece to provide additional mounting support. This method also prevents textile art from being disturbed by factors such as the blowing of an air conditioning unit.

Rare earth magnets are not only used for mounting and displaying large, heavy textile artwork. They can also be used to hang unique artworks such as wallpaper segments, as described in this article by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Rare earth magnets can also be used to hang lighter textile artwork, such as garments, embroidered art, flags, and banners.

As museum conservators continually seek better ways to showcase artwork, innovations such as rare earth magnet mounting systems are met with great excitement. To learn more about how rare earth magnets can be used to mount artwork and provide other mounting solutions, contact today.