Magnetic Sweeper Sweeps Away Metal


Remove Metal Debris Magnetically

When metal debris is allowed to collect on the floor of a factory, warehouse, or parking garage, the consequences can be severe. To combat this problem, offers in-stock, ready to ship magnetic sweepers that quickly and effectively remove metal debris from the ground.

Consequences of Metal Debris

Metal debris presents a serious health and safety hazard—to illustrate one example, if an employee were to slip and fall on a metal-free floor, they may have a nasty bruise, but would otherwise be not much worse for the wear. However, if an employee were to land on a piece of metal debris, the result could be a serious cut or scrape that requires stitches, a tetanus shot, or another form of professional medical attention. In addition to presenting a risk to employees, metal debris is also notorious for puncturing tires of forklifts, motorized carts, and vehicles. This can lead to costly repairs as well as downtime in your facility.

How to Use a Magnetic Sweeper

A magnetic sweeper is a simple permanent magnet device that comes in several different varieties.

Magnetic sweeper bars can be clamped under forks for use with forklifts, or suspended beneath larger vehicles like pickup trucks. For smaller-scale metal removal, magnetic push sweepers are also available. Operating a magnetic push sweeper feels like pushing a lawn mower, but with no complicated motor or moving parts.

With all magnetic sweepers, the only thing you need to do is let the magnet pass over the surface you wish to remove metal from. The powerful magnetic field will attract and hold metal debris to the surface of the magnet. Then, simply wipe the collected metal off of the magnet’s face and into a collection bin or disposal unit of your choice. Magnetic sweepers excel at picking up many different kinds of metal debris, including nails, washers, mild steel shards, bolts, nuts, scrap iron, screws, and more. To clean the surface of a magnetic sweeper, it is recommended that you wear protective gloves at all times and use a tool such as a heavy-duty cloth or a wooden or plastic scraper or spatula.

Learn More About Magnetic Sweepers

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