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Magnetic Door Stops

Magnetic Door Catches and Stops

We take these things for granted, but when a door remains open for us, it’s often the work of a magnetic door stop, or a magnetic catch. Here at buymagnets.com, we have just the tools to help our customers put these magnetic door stops and magnetic catches into place, keeping those doors open just the way you need them.

Types of Magnetic Door Stops and Catches MagneticCatchesRalySeries-1.jpg

Door catches and stops are dynamic, hence, there are multiple forms for them. Here at buymagnets.com, we offer the following:

  • Magnetic door stops, series 1 & 2
  • Bare magnetic lattam
  • Over-molded rectangular magnetic lattam
  • Over-molded cylindrical magnetic lattam
  • Anti-slip magnetic lattam
  • Magnetic catches, Is, Bs, Cs, F, Supec A, Supec Heavy Duty series, and Slimline series
  • Counter plates, including W and Z series
  • Raly series magnetic catches
  • Klip series magnetic catches
  • Holding magnets

Installing a Magnetic Catch or Magnetic Door Stop

Mounting and installing a magnetic door stop or catch is fairly simple given the correct tools. Here’s a detailed article on how to seamlessly install a magnetic door stop or catch.

Featured Magnetic Door Stops and Magnetic Catches: