Magnetic Baby Clothes Make Life Easier

Magnetic Baby Clothes Make Life Easier-Bunting-Buy Magnets-Elk Grove Village

Usually, babies and small children are not the first group that comes to mind when one thinks of magnets. Recently, though, magnets have been incorporated into clothing for infants and toddlers as an alternative to traditional clothing closures such as snaps, buttons, and zippers. Since then, magnetic baby clothes have been popping up on baby shower wish lists and filling drawers in nurseries due to their exceptional ease of use.

Every new parent is constantly on the hunt for products that will make their life a little easier. To the untrained eye, it’s difficult to see what the problem could possibly be with traditional snap or zipper closures on baby clothes. But, picture yourself in this scenario. It’s three in the morning, and you have been woken up by your upset, crying baby, who is in urgent need of a change of clothes. Imagine trying to correctly align a dozen tiny snaps on a baby onesie in a sleep-deprived state—only to realize you’ve mismatched the snaps and have to start all over again. Even worse, imagine zipping up your baby in their fresh onesie, only to hear the baby cry out in pain because the zipper has caught and pinched their skin!

Magnetic baby clothes are desirable because they are designed for quick, effortless closure.

By using magnets with a lower strength, the baby is not at risk of being pinched, but the magnets will easily attract to each other through the layers of fabric to fasten the garment in place. To protect against any possible choking hazards, producers of magnetic baby clothes go to great lengths to make sure magnets are carefully sewn in and have no potential to come loose from the fabric.

Magnetic baby clothes are not limited just to infant onesies. Magnetic closures can also be used in jackets, hats, dresses, and bibs for small children. They can also be used to help keep pairs of mittens together—finally, no more searching for a missing half of a pair! Magnets are also a great way to keep warming items such as stroller blankets in place on windy days.

Magnetic closures aren’t just for baby’s clothes—they can make mom’s wardrobe more convenient, too. Magnetic closures are a clever way to make clothing more accommodating of nursing and more comfortable for mothers.

There are many ways that magnets make life more convenient for all types of people. If you have an innovative idea, contact to consult with us about the best magnet for your unique project.